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It is a process of transformation and expansion of consciousness through the self-awakening of the life force energy or Kundalini.

Energy that is present in our body since birth but diminishes over the years due to the information our system accumulates from the outside. Conditioning, fears, traumatic experiences, or even the education we receive create labels that we allow to define us, and consequently, we end up creating a character far removed from who we truly are.

Through LEF sessions, we let go of that character, detach ourselves from what we think we are, and make way for what we have always been, are, and will be. Reconnecting with our purest essence and power.

It is a journey of self-discovery, evolution, and empowerment, taking one step closer to oneself. And thus, living lighter, more authentic, and more real.

We were born complete and with all the tools within us; we just need to remember it.

The session has an approximate duration of 2 and a half hours. Initially, a safe and trusting environment will be created to encourage surrender and openness during the experience. In the session, you will be lying down on a mat with your eyes closed, completely relaxed, and there will be music with different frequencies that will aid in being present and, furthermore, facilitate reaching deeper and/or altered states of consciousness. Occasionally, as a facilitator, I may touch and/or apply pressure to certain energetic points on the body and might accompany the experience with sound.

You might be wondering, what you should do during the session? And the answer is absolutely nothing. Allow yourself to feel. Come without expectations and let the energy readjust whatever your body needs in that precise moment.

What could you experience during the session?

Each session is unique and different, but generally, the following experiences can occur and do occur:

  • Release of emotions
  • Changes in body temperature
  • Involuntary body movements
  • State of bliss
  • Visualisation of images,
  • lights, geometries…
  • Astral journeys

This is what can happen during the session, but it’s not the most important aspect. What truly matters and is significant are the readjustments that individuals perceive in the days following the session. Whether it’s on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level.


  • Release of emotional blocks and traumas.
  • Changes in patterns, beliefs, and mental limitations.
  • Realigns and rebalances the physical body.
  • Heightened five senses.
  • Greater mental clarity and intuition.
  • Initiation/evolution of spiritual awakening.
  • Expansion of consciousness.
  • Shifts in perception of reality.
  • Empowerment and improvement in decision-making.
  • Alignment with your life purpose
  • Increased self-connection


What sets LEF apart from other practices that also work with life force energy or Kundalini?

The mobilization of this energy occurs through surrender. The person does not actively participate in this awakening process; they simply need to lie down on a mat face up and be completely relaxed, without performing any specific asanas or breathwork, as seen in other practices like Kundalini Yoga or Chi Kung.

Is prior experience in spiritual or energy practices necessary to attend a LEF session?

No, not at all. Whether you have prior experience or not, it’s essential to approach the session with the mind of a beginner, as the process begins from a point where there are no expectations.

Is any substance ingested during the practice?

No, absolutely nothing is ingested. It is a completely natural practice.

What are the differences between an in-person and an online session?

Energy doesn’t recognize space or time, so there are no significant differences. Some people may feel more comfortable attending group sessions in person, while others may feel just as comfortable from their homes. It’s a personal decision.

Real-Life Konsciousness Stories


I loved it. If you surrender your body, it releases encapsulated emotions that no longer serve you, and after the release, I felt a love like I had never felt before! That love I felt made me repeat sessions and even attend a retreat! With those sensations, I began to understand and feel what our essence is, love! I would definitely do it again without a doubt!

Jose Ramon Perera

I have experienced several energy sessions with Anabel, and it was an unforgettable experience. I was able to feel inexplicable things that filled me with energy and vitality! Thank you for everything!! I hope our paths cross again!

Nekane Carrasco

I can't describe the energetic connection I had in both the in-person and online sessions, amazing! Anabel is a brilliant facilitator and person; with her, you come out of the sessions feeling brand new, with a lot of positive energy and peace of mind. It's incredible! I highly recommend it!

Raul Blasco

I have done several LEF sessions with Anabel, and I recommend it 100%, not only for the experience itself but also for the new paths it opens in your life, both in personal and spiritual development.

Vicky Rodriguez

Magical is the word that, for me, defines Anabel. When I met her and heard her talk about the energy we all carry within, I began to feel it inside and outside of myself. Her sessions transported me to a better place where I empowered myself and became aware of all the capabilities we have within us waiting to be discovered to give us a better life. Changes began to manifest around me and within me. For me, there was a before and an after Anabel's sessions, and I will never forget her. I will always be grateful that life put her on my path as a great teacher for the time I was able to enjoy her sessions.

Pedro Orue Zabalo

Thank you, Anabel, for opening a magical door in your LEF sessions to the discovery of a part of myself that was unknown. Discovering it with you has been simply beautiful. That's life, and probably also when it ends.

Ruth Munuera

For me, it's been a discovery in my conscious and spiritual awakening. I've done several sessions because each one of them has contributed to my personal process and inner growth. I only have words of gratitude for having crossed paths with you in my life!

Joaquim Llaurado

Thank you, Anabel. I discovered a therapy that helped me learn more about my inner self. There were many changes and sensations that I wouldn't trade for anything; in the end, everything is experiences that help us move forward and feel ourselves. Being who you truly are and letting everything flow...

Lidia Valenzuela

I have no words to explain what I feel during the LEF sessions; they are magical moments where I connect with my being, with my essence. So far, in no other practice have I been able to reach this level of connection, and I continue to deepen with each session. It simply changes my life, and it's a practice that helps me keep expanding on my life path. I want to deeply thank Anabel for creating spaces full of freedom and much love. Kisses and hugs!

Miriam Bah

Without a doubt, a unique experience! Anabel is an incredible person who will make you experience LEF at its fullest! If you have the opportunity to have a session, don't hesitate to try it! It will change your life for the better; you will grow personally and spiritually.


I've had a session with Anabel. An excellent person, she conveys a lot of peace and tranquility. I will always be grateful for the light she emanates from the first minute.

Diana Mosi

Ahuge thanks to Anabel. This experience has been incredibly life changing for me, your passion and knoledge is helping a lot of people find their inner self. You have a beautiful soul. Thanks again Anabel!

Antonio Exposito

Yes!! I recommend it, the experience will be a before and after in your inner world 100%, that's how I've personally experienced it. And what can I say about Anabel, a professional girl as solid as a rock, she conveys good vibes throughout the therapy session, you'll always be very well accompanied, guaranteed!

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