Live consciously and a new whole being will be created

The mobilization of this energy occurs through surrender. The person does not actively participate in this awakening process; they simply need to lie down on a mat face up and be completely relaxed, without performing any specific asanas or breathwork, as seen in other practices like Kundalini Yoga or Chi Kung.
No, not at all. Whether you have prior experience or not, it's essential to approach the session with the mind of a beginner, as the process begins from a point where there are no expectations.
No, absolutely nothing is ingested. It is a completely natural practice.

Energy doesn't recognize space or time, so there are no significant differences. Some people may feel more comfortable attending group sessions in person, while others may feel just as comfortable from their homes. It's a personal decision.

Start taking ownership of your own life.

Create a better version of yourself that you didn’t know existed until now.